Case Study

  • Match PDB - Volvo

    Volvo new launched series S90 aimed to reach high-end audience between the age of 35 to 45. Via Pingcoo-owned Match PDB platform, together with targeting guidance from Pingcoo DMP, Volvo successfully empowered its brand image with Jinritoutiao stream video ads.

  • Native Ads - Nike

    Nike initiatively adopted in-game native advertising platform to complete its whole mobile advertising strategy. Pingcoo analyzed the brand’s key audience and accordingly selected running, shooting mobile games for advertisement launching. The campaign performance exceeded client’s expectation by 60%.

  • Hero APP - Lancôme

    To promote UV products during national week, Lancôme enhanced the brand’s appearance on China No.1 online travel provider Ctrip. Through Ctrip’s mobile display, Lancôme drove significant traffic to its Html 5 page to generate further interaction.

  • Native Ads - Airbnb

    Airbnb promoted its one-month lifestyle campaign with the power of Pingcoo native advertisement. During campaign period, the international accommodation giant’s 60s and 30s video advertisement reached complete playing rate of 52% and 76% respectively. CPM and CPC price was better than client’s estimation.